Contaminated Land

CARAS is an advisory & project management business, committed to delivering better environments for our clients and the communities around them.

Remediating contaminated land can be complex and costly and directly affects the value of a parcel of land, property or asset.  We know this because we have provided our clients with expert advice on the cost, risk, and management on over $750million worth of contaminated property transactions and contaminated land remediation projects.

Properties can become impacted by a wide range of contaminants such as asbestos, PFAS, hydrocarbons, lead mercury, nickel, PCBS’ or PAHs. These contaminants can be found in groundwater, surface water, sediment, or soil and are often hidden because they are buried below ground or covered over with topsoil, fill material, or buildings. The remediation of contaminated land and bulk earthworks are always intertwined.

Contamination issues generally only become a problem when a property is being bought, sold, or developed - and the effect on the transaction or development can be significant. Calculating the extra cost of remediation over standard development earthworks costs is a critical input.

In our experience, the key contributors to cost and time overruns on major projects due to contamination, are the underestimation of budget contingencies, the underestimation of contamination volumes, unexpected finds, poorly structured contracts, and inexperience in management of remediation works. Due to the high costs associated with the off-site disposal and managing contamination on site, problems on remediation projects can lead to substantial blowouts to a project’s budget and duration.

CARAS mitigates the risk of project blowouts. We can manage remediation projects from inception to completion or can be engaged to provide advice on specific stages of your project. We have a unique mix of experienced cost, construction, scientific, and engineering professionals who understand regulatory compliance and commercial realities of contaminated land remediation projects. Our team understands contaminated land remediation and how much contaminated land remediation costs. Our team have provided our clients with expert advice on the cost, risk, and management on over $750 million worth of contaminated property transactions and contaminated land remediation projects.

CARAS was originally founded to provide planning, procurement, construction and postconstruction services for the remediation of sites with contaminated soils and groundwater and - while our business has grown into other areas - we are still experts in contaminated land remediation.

We are on our way to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active because we are invested in a sustainable future. We believe delivering better environments means committing to delivering projects that improve the places where we live and work.

We don’t just get your project done, we do it better.

Services Provided


  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs)
  • Cost and Risk Assessment.
  • EPL Applications
  • Remediation Strategy Optimisation
  • Independent Reviews of Geotechnical and Environmental Reports
  • Constructability Review & Advice


  • Procurement Strategies
  • Site Auditor Procurement
  • Environmental Consultant Procurement
  • Remediation Contractor Procurement
  • Independent Tender Assessment
  • Contract Negotiation


  • CEMP Development
  • Remediation Works Superintendent
  • Contract Administration
  • Environmental Audits
  • Asbestos Management
  • PFAS Management

Post Construction

  • Long Term Environmental Management Plan
  • Annual Environmental Management Audits
  • Site Audit Liaison
  • EPA Liaison
  • LTEMP Implementation &  Monitoring
  • Project Close Out