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CARAS Contaminated Land Advisory
Are you involved in a contaminated land transaction? CARAS provides professional contaminated land advisory services to aid you.
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Uniting NDIS Penrith Case Study

CARAS is pleased to have successfully project managed the delivery of another NDIS Local Area Coordination Office in Penrith for Uniting.
Uniting NDIS Shellharbour Case Study
As Project Managers, we are proud of the safety, environmental, quality and commercial outcomes achieved on the project.
CARAS BIM Intergrated Photography
CARAS teams up with cutting edge technology to achieve the best probable outcome of our projects.
DashPivot Case Study
CARAS remediation project management consultancy, manages site auditing, project management records, and documentation using Dashpivot.


Sports Facility Upgrade Project - Sydney Catholic Schools

Company News and Updates

June 13, 2023


CARAS Lights up VIVID The CARAS Team was thrilled to travel to Taronga Zoo for the Wild Lights VIVID event. This immersive night trail illuminated the zoo with detailed light installations, bringing to life Taronga's most loved animals. The event provided a perfect opportunity for our team to experience the beauty and innovation of VIVID firsthand. Beyond the visuals, the Wild Lights event offered a chance for us to unwind and enjoy socialising with one another in a unique setting. A huge shout-out to the organisers for orchestrating this experience and to Taronga Zoo for hosting such a great event. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this evening one to remember!

May 31, 2023

Welcome Niamh!

CARAS is thrilled to announce the addition of Niamh Mc Cartney to our Project Management Team. Niamh brings knowledge and experience in both structural and civil engineering to further strengthen our Project Management Team. If you have any upcoming projects that require expert management and coordination, we encourage you to reach out to Niamh or any other member of our highly skilled Project Management Team. Welcome aboard, Niamh! We are excited to have you as part of our team at CARAS.

April 14, 2023

Sustainability Cost vs Value

The Board of Directors committed to future proof our business and improve sustainability but were conscious that financial sustainability was also a key factor. The business had to establish it’s sustainability priorities and status to allow implementation costs and cash-flow to be included in forward planning for the sustainability opportunity. For CARAS, Tread Lightly Advisory provided a cashflow aligned to their priorities and with options so that Executive Management Team had the right information to make the right decisions, based on cost and value. It also allows for adaptation of the financial model as and when changes occur in the implementation of TLA recommended sustainability strategy. When managing sustainability good-business practices shouldn’t be ignored. Before making new commitments, plan and review the costs so that you can see the value in the dollars you’re spending and make the right decisions for your business

March 24, 2023

CARAS NDIS Complex Home Modification

CARAS were recently engaged as Building Works Project Managers (BWPM) for a NDIS funded Complex Home Modification (CHM) project in southwest Sydney. The client had difficulty accessing and moving about their home. CARAS worked with the occupational therapist, support coordinator and builder to ensure they following works were carried out; - Partial refurbishment of an existing bathroom; - Replacement of rotten slats on an existing access ramp; - Installation of an automated door; - Widening of doorways and access paths throughout the home; - Installation of vinyl flooring in the hallway of the home. The works were completed over a 4-week period; finishing on time, within budget and with no safety or environmental incidents. The CARAS Project Management Team was pleased to assist in providing this client with a CHM ensuring an accessible and safe home environment. This project was accomplished through successful communication and trust as well as ensuring genuine value for both the NDIS and the client. We look forward to continuing to positively impact lives with our work on NDIS Complex Home Modifications.

March 3, 2023

CARAS Land Remediation Project

CARAS have recently been contacted to provide advice on remediation options and expert cost reports to a number of clients whose tenants had created a pollution event on leased property. Typically, these projects involve a parcel of land circa 5 – 20 HA in the outer suburbs of a major city with the potential for future development as the city expands. The property is leased through a local real estate agent to generate cash flow in the short term. The tenant then allows contaminated soils, fuel leaks, waste, and chemicals to be present on the land. The impact on soil, groundwater and surface water run-off triggers the requirement for a potentially expensive clean-up that may exceed the value of the land. The available avenues for cost recovery for the Landowner will be from the tenant, the real estate agent or insurance claim through any available policy by any of the parties. CARAS has assisted by providing the expert cost report on the valuation of the remediation works.

January 17, 2023

Aged Care Refurbishment Project

The CARAS Project Management Team recently managed the delivery of a refurbishment project at an Aged Care Facility in Wentworthville. This project included the refurbishment of the indoor community room, to replace the flooring and assisting in electrical upgrades, creating a better space for resident’s activities. The project also included external civil works which included widening the footpaths to create a safer and more comfortable access for residents. The CARAS Project Management Team worked with design team and principal contractor to deliver this project on time, within budget, and with no safety or environmental incidents.

December 16, 2022

A very CARAS Christmas

A very CARAS Christmas! The CARAS team was thrilled to take an afternoon off to participate in an excellent team building experience at the Eveleigh Works Blacksmith Workshop. The afternoon allowed the team to reflect on the busy year we have all had and celebrate their dedication, work ethic and commitment. After an afternoon of getting dirty and hammering molten steel everyone was happy to come out of it with our very own hand made bottle openers. Thanks to the crew at Everleigh Works for a great afternoon!

December 1, 2022

Welcome Lachlan!

CARAS is thrilled to welcome Lachlan Morgan to the company. Lachlan brings his enthusiasm, experience, and critical thinking to strengthen our project management team. If you have any upcoming projects that require client-side project management services, please get in touch with Lachlan or any member of our project management team. Welcome Lachlan!

November 15, 2022

Congratulations Alex!

CARAS is thrilled to congratulate Alex Hennessy on 5 years at CARAS. Alex originally joined us in 2017 as an assistant project manager and during his journey with CARAS has progressed to Project Manager. Alex brings his knowledge, experience and personality to strengthen our Project Management team, helping CARAS successfully deliver projects to our Clients. We love the energy he brings to work every day and his positive impact on colleagues and clients. Please join us in congratulating Alex Hennessy on his outstanding contributions to CARAS. If you have upcoming projects that require professional management and coordination, please get in touch with Alex or any member of our Project Management Team.

October 28, 2021

Solar PV Installation Project

CARAS are currently assisting the Sustainability Team of a leading aged care provider with the installation of solar powered panels and inverters to provide solar energy to both aged care and childcare facilities. Working with AGL as the Head Contractor, our client identified 12 installation sites. Of these sites, six were in childcare centres and six were residential aged care facilities. The installation of solar PV systems to these building will decrease their operational energy bills, decrease of their carbon footprint and help them achieve their sustainability targets. Despite the poor weather during August and September, the installation within the childcare centres was successfully completed on time and within budget. The six aged care facilities are scheduled to have solar panelling installed within November, completing the project by the end of the year.

September 23, 2022


Over the last few years the topic of sustainability has been consistently raised by our team in meetings and one on one catch ups. This resulted in the board of directors making a commitment to reviewing CARAS’ Environmental Social Governance [ESG] performance. Using our baseline information the next steps are: 1. Establish an action plan structured to achieve relevant objectives and targets including CARAS’s goal to be certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral by June 2023 facilitated by NetNada 2. Implement, track, monitor and measure the new plan. Our goal is to make ESG an important part of our certified integrated management system (IMS) alongside safety, quality and environment. It will be challenging, interesting, and certainly is something the whole team in CARAS is passionate about.

September 9, 2022

The Growing Sector of Aged Care

CARAS are currently assisting aged care providers to improve the quality of life across a number of new and existing facilities. The Project Management team at CARAS are currently working with multiple clients in the Health and Aged Care sectors and have vast experience and knowledge of the requirements and restrictions of working in a live, high-risk environment. CARAS have assisted clients with the successful delivery of room refurbishments, electrical upgrades, common area renovations and more, whilst identifying and mitigating risks such as working in live environments, access restrictions, noise, services disruptions, and the ongoing pandemic.

August 26, 2022

CARAS Sustainability Action Plan

At CARAS, sustainability and ensuring a positive environmental impact is fundamental to our business. CARAS is undertaking a baseline data evaluation that will enable us to develop a strategy aligned with company values and organisational commitments. The evaluation includes a materiality assessment, Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions baseline, staff surveys and participation from the executive group, our internal sustainability lead, Juan Sebastian Emiliano Cornejo Ortiz as well as external consultants to align us with best practice ratings tool and disclosure. What are we going to do with the information? Create and implement an action plan to reduce our negative impact and increase our positive impact.

August 19, 2022

Land Remediation Advice

CARAS was recently engaged to provide independent expert advice on the cost and risk for the remediation of a contaminated land asset. The cost and risk profile for the remediation works provided to our client during the negotiation of the transaction were understated by tens of millions of dollars. Our client sought recovery of the loss incurred due to inaccuracy of the remediation cost and risk advice relied upon in the transaction. CARAS was engaged to assist our client in providing an accurate profile of remediation cost and risk based upon the information available during the negotiation of the transaction for sale. The costs of remediation for a contaminated land asset are a key input to a property transaction.

August 12, 2022

Welcome Mitchell!

CARAS is thrilled to welcome Mitchell Tilia to the company. Mitchell brings his knowledge and experience to strengthen our Project Management Team. If you have upcoming projects that require professional management and coordination, please get in touch with Mitchell or any member of our Project Management Team. Welcome Mitchell!

July 4, 2022

Congratulations Mattia Bianchetti!

CARAS has a strong focus on training and developing our team members’ skills and abilities, for both their own professional growth and for the benefit of our clients. The goal is to create the leaders of tomorrow. On that note we are very pleased to announce that Mattia Bianchetti Fettolini will be taking over the leadership of our Project Management Team at CARAS. Please join us in congratulating Mattia Bianchetti Fettolini on his outstanding contributions to CARAS, and in wishing him the best of luck in his new role.

April 29, 2022

Waterproofing Project

CARAS were recently engaged to project manage a roof waterproofing system remediation project on a commercial building in Sydney CBD. CARAS coordinated with property & facility managers, consultants, and contractors to deliver the following scope of works: • Investigation works via water flood testing; • Complete a membrane survey via Electronic Leak Mapping; Repair works followed the above • Membrane detailing of plinths, various sections and davit arms bases; • Seal of parapet walls;

April 19, 2022

Welcome to CARAS!

CARAS is thrilled to welcome Stefan Butkiewicz to the company. Stefan brings his broad industry knowledge and experience to strengthen our Project Management Team. Welcome Stefan!

March 6, 2022

Façade Remediation Project - Sydney CBD

CARAS were recently engaged to project manage a façade remediation project on a commercial building in Sydney CBD. The façade remedial works on the north, east and west elevations of the buildings included the following: · Removal and replacement of cracked and delaminated renders; · Removal and replacement of cavity flashings; · Relaying of bricks; · Creating movement joints within render; · Applying external façade coating system. The works were completed via rope access. Despite significant impacts on the project from COVID-19, the project was completed on time, within budget and with no safety or environmental incidents.

December 3, 2021

Contaminated Land Remediation

A landowner engaged CARAS to provide transactional advice on the disposal of a land asset impaired by historical contamination in soil and groundwater. The owner required an analysis of the proposed remediation strategy and contract delivery mechanism to optimise the value of the asset in the commercial transaction. CARAS used probabilistic modeling to provide a base cost estimate of the scope of works, estimated the volumes of contamination, and developed a remediation program from the first principles. The asset owner used this information to deliver the optimum value in the negotiation of the commercial agreement.

September 22, 2021

Cladding Remediation Project

The Cost & Risk Team at CARAS are currently busy partnering with Alan Stewart of MBMpl Pty Ltd to work on a cladding remediation project at a commercial tower in Sydney CBD. CARAS combined our specialist cost/risk and remediation advisory skills to carry out a detailed analysis of the proposed remediation options and produce a feasibility cost estimate for each remediation option, including life-cycle costing. We then ranked each option based on the risk criteria developed with the client. This enabled the client to make an informed decision based on the costs and risks outlined in our report. CARAS is currently working on producing the tender documentation to enable the client to go to market for the chosen remediation solution.

September 13, 2021

Sustainability Newsletter

The sustainability team has just issued the 6th edition of our monthly internal sustainability newsletter, which informs the whole CARAS team about sustainability initiatives that the company is undertaking. CARAS encourages sustainable awareness of our people; we align with the United Nation's (UN) Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, and we have begun analysing our materiality assessment to move forward in this Sustainable journey. This month, CARAS continued to focus on promoting 'good health and well-being', which is Goal number 3 of the SDGs.

August 23, 2021

Façade Remediation Project

The façade remediation team at CARAS are currently busy project managing a combustible façade replacement project in Port Macquarie. The building is fully leased and contains tenants who operate an essential services call centre, which means they are sensitive to noise during business hours. The CARAS team have worked hard with the Principal Contractor and Facility Managers to hold regular stakeholder and construction meetings. Hence, everyone is aware of upcoming works so they can plan accordingly and, where possible, move their teams away from the elevation that the PC is working on. The current restrictions on travel have meant that we have had to manage the project remotely. The team has utilised technology for site meetings and inspections using Microsoft Teams and the quality and safety modules in Procore to overcome the challenges presented by the travel restrictions.

July 13, 2021

CARAS now NDIS Complex Home Modification Project Managers

CARAS is pleased to announce that we are now officially registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as Home Modification Project Managers. If you as an NDIS participant or person responsible for implementing an NDIS plan, is preparing to undertake complex home modifications (CHM) to a home over the value of $30,000, the NDIS requires that it be managed by a Registered Building Works Project Manager such as CARAS.

June 1, 2021

Welcome to CARAS!

CARAS is excited to welcome John Lawlor to the company. John brings his extensive industry knowledge and experience to strengthen and lead our Cost & Risk Advisory Team. If you have upcoming projects that require Cost & Risk advice, please get in touch with John or any member of our Cost & Risk Advisory Team.

May 12, 2021

Happy Eid to CARAS and all the team

As the Holy Month of Ramadan comes to an end, CARAS would like to congratulate our Muslim team members and clients on the completion of this month. In light of the pandemic, the 2021 Ramadan has proven difficult for many around the world and serves as a constant reminder to give back to the less fortunate. In the spirit of Ramadan, CARAS has engaged in several charity events over this month and continues to ensure that corporate responsibility is at the crux of every major decision. With that being said, we wish the Muslim community a blessed Eid and joyous celebrations!

April 21, 2021

CARAS continues with the Defence Industry Internship Program

Since December 2019, CARAS has participated in the Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP), which increases the awareness of career opportunities and provide student interns with the opportunity to gain real-world experience. The Program matches small to medium-sized defence industry enterprises (SMEs) with students nearing the end of an undergraduate engineering degree for a paid 12-week internship. For the 2020-2021 program, CARAS warmly welcomed Sarah Healey and Mansour Adie to be part of our team. They were an excellent addition to CARAS' team. CARAS hopes they will achieve their planned goals and wishes them the best in their future ventures.

March 2, 2021

CARAS is up for recycling

“We dream about cleaning up the country” Envirobank Recycling. CARAS is happy to announce the official partnership with Envirobank Recycling. The recycling of plastic, aluminium, glass, and liquid paperboard is vital to preserving sustainable systems. Thus, we have decided to act in today’s sustainable global movement. By collecting and sending suitable containers to Envirobank Recycling, CARAS will raise funds which go to a charity organisation nominated by the CARAS team. Established in 2008, Envirobank is an Indigenous-owned company committed to achieving positive environmental and social impact by rewarding cans and bottles recycling. According to the National Waste Policy (2018), Australia recycles 37 million tonnes and recovers energy from 2 million tonnes of the 67 million tonnes of waste produced per annum; this means that we recover 58% of all generated waste as a country. In CARAS, we believe that waste can be used as a resource that impulses a circular economy. Hence we help with consistent steps towards sustainability.

January 18, 2021

In CARAS, we are a Better Business Partnership on the road towards a better sustainable company

CARAS recently engaged with Better Business Partnership (BBP), an organisation funded by the North Sydney and Willoughby City Councils. BBP has been promoting and supporting local businesses since 2009 to become more successful through sustainability. CARAS was awarded the badges of WASTE, WATER, TRANSPORT, STAFF, BYE-BYE PLASTIC, PURCHASING, and BUSINESS HEALTH. Big shout out to Lin Ningthoujam, who took the lead in getting the certification!

September 30, 2020

CARAS Integrated Management System certified one more time

Congratulation to Linthoingambi (Lin) Ningthoujam and the CARAS team on obtaining re-certification of our Integrated Management System from QMS Certification Services - Australia. At CARAS, we are committed to maintaining a culture focused on safety, quality and the environment. CARAS first obtained certification to AS 4801, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 three years ago and since then we have ensured all functions of our business are performed in accordance with our ISO accredited Integrated Management System.

May 26, 2020

CARAS turns 10

At CARAS, our people are our business. A decade running a business provides many and varied challenges - financial, technical and operational. The character and success of CARAS is defined by how our people have managed difficult situations to create positive outcomes. We acknowledge the contribution of our fantastic clients and say Thank You to all of our staff, past and present who have enabled us to achieve this 10 year milestone.

April 1, 2020

Covid 19 Safety Controls

CARAS recognises the growing concern of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our daily lives and how the current pandemic is changing the way we work and live. As we continue to conduct the monthly safety audits for all the PCs on the Project, CARAS is committed to observing and implementing all possible measures to contain the COVID-19 transmissions as advised by the Ministry of Health, NSW.

March 13, 2020

CARAS celebrates St Patrick's Day

The CARAS team were lucky enough to be able to celebrate St. Patrick's day this year just before the COVID 19 restrictions were implemented. While an Australian company, we like to celebrate our Irish connections and have the "craic" with our clients, suppliers and team.

December 2, 2019

CARAS joins the Defence Industry Internship Program

In December 2019, CARAS welcomed Any Su and Thushara Lekamge to be part of the CARAS team as part of the Defense Industry Internship Program (DIIP). The purpose of the DIIP is to increase awareness of career opportunities in the defence industry and provide student interns with the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a growing sector such as construction. The Program matches small to medium sized defence industry enterprises (SMEs) with students nearing the end of an undergraduate engineering degree for a paid 12-week internship. Any and Thushara were an excellent addition to the CARAS team, with the amazing support from QTAC ensuring a great experience for all involved.

August 8, 2019

CARAS embraces DashPivot Technology

Having anywhere from 15 to 20 projects going at once, time management is a massive challenge. Dash Pivot enables us to capture all information regarding safety, quality, environment and cost on the fly while enabling us to produce quality reports. This new digitalization tool allows CARAS to cut down on our administration time and access it easily and quickly.