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Australia's leading remediation project management consultancy, CARAS, manages site auditing and project management records and documentation using Dashpivot.

Company News and Updates

April 1, 2020

Covid 19 Safety Controls

CARAS recognises the growing concern of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our daily lives and how the current pandemic is changing the way we work and live. As we continue to conduct the monthly safety audits for all the PCs on the Project, CARAS is committed to observing and implementing all possible measures to contain the COVID-19 transmissions as advised by the Ministry of Health, NSW.

March 13, 2020

CARAS celebrates St Patrick's Day

The CARAS team were lucky enough to be able to celebrate St. Patrick's day this year just before the COVID 19 restrictions were implemented. While an Australian company, we like to celebrate our Irish connections and have the "craic" with our clients, suppliers and team.

December 2, 2019

CARAS joins the Defence Industry Internship Program

In December 2019, CARAS welcomed Any Su and Thushara Lekamge to be part of the CARAS team as part of the Defense Industry Internship Program (DIIP). The purpose of the DIIP is to increase awareness of career opportunities in the defence industry and provide student interns with the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a growing sector such as construction. The Program matches small to medium sized defence industry enterprises (SMEs) with students nearing the end of an undergraduate engineering degree for a paid 12-week internship. Any and Thushara were an excellent addition to the CARAS team, with the amazing support from QTAC ensuring a great experience for all involved.

August 8, 2019

CARAS embraces DashPivot Technology

Having anywhere from 15 to 20 projects going at once, time management is a massive challenge. Dash Pivot enables us to capture all information regarding safety, quality, environment and cost on the fly while enabling us to produce quality reports. This new digitalization tool allows CARAS to cut down on our administration time and access it easily and quickly.