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Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the most vital instruments for reducing poverty, improving health, and promoting racial and gender equality.  
Throughout Australia, education is provided by both Government and Non-Government agencies; in 2020, 66% of all schools across the country were Government funded, leaving 33% funded and managed by a range of other providers. The Government's investment in public education infrastructure presents the opportunity to deliver new schools, maintenance strategies, and significant building upgrades that will evolve how our future generations learn and improve the overall standard of education.
In the latest NSW state budget, the Government pledged an investment of $7.9 billion over the next four years on top of the $7 billion already invested since 2017 to deliver 215 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. In addition, $24.4 billion will be invested in public education to aid students from birth, through primary and high school, and territory education. This will include more than $20.5 billion invested in schools, $2.9 billion on skills and $725 million in early childhood education. Furthermore, School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW), a recently established unit within the Department of Education tasked with overseeing the supply, planning and maintenance of NSW schools, will be responsible for managing $4.2 billion over the next four years for new schools and school upgrades.
The education sector is wide-ranging and includes various fields, from childcare centres to higher and tertiary education institutions. The funding models change for each client, as do the project's diverse requirements, complexity, and stakeholders. These vital projects require a careful investment arrangement to ensure they are fit for their intended purposes, providing our children with welcoming, secure, and refined spaces that will create a nurturing environment for them to grow, learn and develop.
CARAS have extensive experience in working with venerable user clients in live sites and projects with multiple and diverse stakeholders. Project management is more than simply being a postbox, forwarding emails without adding any value. A good project manager takes control of a project from beginning to end, ensuring that stakeholders' goals and objectives are strategically aligned with the project outcomes. CARAS' stages for successful project delivery are:

CARAS provides project management services and industry advice to the capital works teams of education providers to ensure that they achieve the best outcomes for their stakeholders. The safety of staff and students, quality outcomes and environmentally sustainable practices are our priorities during the lifecycle of every project.

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