Accreditations & Certifications

CARAS Accreditations & Certifications

Pre-Qualification SCM1191:

Consultants in Construction:
Category 313 - Project Management

Pre-Qualification SCM005:

Prequalification Scheme Performance and Management Services

Pre-Qualification SCM8371:

Bushfire Affected Communities Rebuild

Pre-Qualification SCM4721:

Subsidence Advisory NSW Independent Assessment Prequalification Scheme - Quantity Surveying

Eurobodella Shire Council Panel

Professional Services

Shoalhaven City Council Panel

Contract for Technical Services
Consultants - Capital Works Programs

Local Government Procurement Panel

Project Management

Western Sydney Airport Authority

WSA Professional Services

NDIS Approved Provider

Building Works Project Managers

City of Wagga Wagga

Professional Services Panel

Blacktown City Council

BCC Design and Development Services Panel


Building Modification Project Management Panel

Integrated Management System

CARAS is committed to operate in accordance with the AS/NZ ISO 45001 and industry best practices. We look to provide a positive safety culture which benefits CARAS employees and external stakeholders.

CARAS strives to implement improvement strategies to maintain occupational health and safety.

CARAS recognises the value of the return on this investment: a safer, healthier workplace, with increased productivity. Whilst maintaining the quality of products and efficiency in all aspects of job delivery.

The delivery of all of CARAS’ services is managed through our integrated Quality Management System and this will apply for all works delivered to clients.

CARAS will undertake systematic internal review of all deliverables as a part of our quality assurance process

CARAS firmly believe that a successful future depends on the sustainability of the environment, communities and economies.

CARAS is strongly committed to working toward ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations. As well as managing and minimising the environmental impacts of our operation and offerings.