Claims & Dispute Management

CARAS is an advisory & project management company, committed to delivering better environments for our clients and the communities around them.

Unfortunately, commercial claims are a real possibility from the outset of every project. They can arise from variations to the contract, extension of time claims, Security of Payments Act(SOPA) claims, prolongation claims, acceleration claims or changes in legislation. 

CARAS’ commercial team has extensive experience in the preparation, assessment, defence and management of claims. It is critical that every claim is well structured, the contractual basis of the claim is detailed and accurate quantification of the costs is provided. 

When claims are not settled, they can escalate to dispute. Disputes can be complex, costly and can have a major impact on relationships and reputations. We believe that continuous discussion, problem solving, or mediation provide better options for dispute resolution, however both parties must engage meaningfully. When claims and disputes escalate, CARAS can provide litigation support and expert witness reports to assist with pursuing claims through the court system.

CARAS’ commercial team comprises of quantity surveyors, contract managers, cost engineers, contract administrators, schedulers as well as technical engineering specialists who are available to advise our clients on whether a claim is worth pursuing or defending, establishing contractual entitlements, quantifying cost/program entitlements and enforcing contractual obligations. We have managed claims and disputes for construction companies, developers, government bodies, and legal professionals under AS4000, AS4902, FIDIC and bespoke contracts.  

We have been trusted to provide advisory services on over$500 million worth of claims and disputes.

Services Provided