Commercial Advisory Projects

Commercial Advisory Projects

MPW Access and Compound Project

Concept Design Management + Consultant Procurement

Moorebank Intermodal LPWDR Project

Proposed Variation Cost Estimate

Moorebank Intermodal Earthworks Land Preparation

Feasibility Cost Estimate

Project (Confidential)

Remediation Cost Strategy

PIWW Earthworks Project

Preliminary Estimate

MPE Warehouse Project

Safety Audit Report

Beulah Gilead Residential (Heritage)

Budget Estimate

Fitzgerald & Ella Park Upgrade Project

Pre-Tender Estimate & Bills of Quantities

Barton Park Recreational Precinct Project

Pre-Tender Estimate, Bills of Quantities, & Value Management

State Significant Remediation Project

Variation Assessment

Orica Southlands Property Transaction

Feasibility Estimate

Petrie Mill Redevelopment Project

Project Risk Register

PFAS Groundwater Remediation Project

Feasibility Estimate

Gisborne Recycled Water Plant Upgrade Project

Project Risk Register

Goulburn Gasworks Remediation Project

Capital Investment Valuation

Western Sydney Industrial Development

Feasibility Estimate

Moorebank Intermodal - PEDR Project

Pre-Tender Estimate

Disused Rail Spur Demolition Project

Tender Documentation Preparation


Financial Analyst

Moorebank Intermodal - LPWDR Project

Pre-Tender Estimate

Newcastle Gasworks Remediation Project

Capital Investment Valuation

Innerwest Residential Remediation Project

Feasibility Estimate

Parkes-Peak Hill Raw Water Supply Scheme Project

Order of Magnitude Costing

Moorebank Intermodal MPW Stage 2 Earthworks Project

Pre-Tender Estimate

Kendall Bay Remediation Project

Feasibility Estimate